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The Breath of Life project – helping the military and their families

The war in Ukraine has affected many people... Young men, fathers of the families and sons defend their country from the aggressor. They wait for them at home. But, unfortunately, not all come back home... Thousands of the military were killed. Many are wounded, and there are many of those who will remain incapacitated forever.

In the war, it is not only the body that gets wounded but also the soul. Returning from the war, the military do not know how to live on in peaceful life. Many of them return to the battlefield again failing to find fulfillment either in the family or in professional life... The wives do not understand what is going on with their husbands; the children think that their fathers do not love them any more; the mothers do not know how to communicate with their sons. It is not clear to them why the person they love has become aggressive and uncommunicative, why he cannot sleep normally at night, why he uses alcohol more often. In Ukraine, the statistics of divorces among the military has already increased.

We help the families to overcome the barrier which arose in the family after the men returned from the war. Many of the men suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and we explain to the families what it is and how to deal with it. We work with the families whose members were killed or went missing; we also work with the wounded soldiers in the hospitals.

What our society needs now is victory and recovery. And if we are able to help each particular family, each particular person, then we will surely persevere.

Helping the Refugees from Eastern Ukraine

The people of Ukraine are going through hard times now. In the east of the country military operations are going on, the Crimean peninsula is occupied. Millions of people have suffered. People lost their loved ones and their homes... Many people were forced to run from their home places to save their lives and the lives of their relatives. Now many of these people live in different cities and towns of Ukraine in places of temporary settlement. The living conditions there are poor. There is a lack of basic things of life: food, water, clothes and medicines.

We visit the refugees who live in Odessa and near Odessa. These are predominantly disabled people and their families. This group of people has suffered even more. Even before the war, living as a disabled person was hard in Ukraine. You cannot often see a person in a wheelchair on the streets of a Ukrainian city. The matter is that many of those who need it cannot afford it. Also, practically nothing has been made convenient for disabled people – neither the shops, nor the public transportation.

Our goal is to help these people to overcome the crisis and continue to live with hope and faith. We have made friends with many people and they have become close to us. Recently the refugees sent us a letter of thanks for our ministry to them. We were very pleased to receive such a letter. Here is a short extract from this letter, “We are very grateful to the SPRINGS group of psychologists. These guys have been caring for us already one year and a half. Their visits are like a holiday in our dreary lives. As we communicate with them we get hope for the future. May we not forget our meetings with YOU, your warmth and support.”

Visiting the displaced persons from the East of Ukraine

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;
Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.
2 Cor. 1:3-4

In July and August 2014, psychologists of our center Victoria Varvarina, Angelica Aleksandrovich, Vladimir Aleksandrovich and Roman Shchetinin, together with "Help 24" team, visited the displaced persons from the East of Ukraine.

The refugees are living now at boarding houses near Odessa.
There are many children there... Most of these children are kids with special needs.
The kids perceive the world through their parents eyes. It is very important that the parents of these kids receive assistance, keep emotional balance, know how to help their kids.

Not only did our psychologists conduct classes with the kids and their parents but they also explained to the parents how they themselves could be helping their kids, developing them and supporting them at these hard times.
… One of the mothers who oversees a group of disabled children drew a picture which she titled "I love life!"

Lord, give peace to our land!

May-June, 2014

Dear friends,

I haven't written to you for several months due to the events taking place in Ukraine.

Now I'd like to tell you about the work of the Counseling Center for the recent time.

We continue conducting individual counseling, group sessions, and training sessions.
People address us with problems of children and teenagers upbringing, family problems (marital infidelity, lack of mutual understanding, etc.), depression, panic attacks and so on.

As you know there is warfare in the east of Ukraine going on. A lot of refugees from Eastern Ukraine have been given temporary housing in the vicinity of Odessa. We as citizens of our country are trying to take part in helping the people.

On June 19-20, we had a training in our Center for psychologists on PTSD (post trauma disorder) treatment. We were taught by Katy Rojant, a psychologist from Great Britain who works with trauma. Her visit here was arranged and sponsored by Uliana Gumenyuk, an artist who was born in Ukraine but has been living in Britain for a long time.

For two days we were learning in details how to deal with trauma as counselors. Now we are ready to use the received knowledge and skills in practice.

We have started to spread the information that our Center renders free of charge aid to those who have gone through military actions or experienced trauma in connection with the events in Ukraine.

Please pray for peace in Ukraine!

Love in Christ,

Lena Kolker,

Director The Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center

September and October, 2013

Dear friends,

Let me tell you about the work of the Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center in September and October.

We keep on giving individual counseling and work in a group.

The most imp[ortant event recently was the trip to Donetsk Christian University (Eastern Ukraine) made by our psychologists Lena Kolker and Svetlana Fedorenko where they were invited to teach some subjects on

Christian counseling. It was a great opportunity to share the practical experience with the students as well as a wonderful time of spending time together with them (see the pic.).

Lately we have been receiving the letters and verbal praise from our clients. We are very glad that through our activities people become happier in their marriage, in the relarionships with their children, and with others.

And the main thing is that they can thank God for it.

Thank you for your prayers in our behalf. Please, pray for our Center. The biggest need with us now is finances. Our conselors don't receive any salary (except the administrator) since we don't have that money. Our salary is made by what our clients pay. Because of that, we have had to cancel the major part of our charitable counseling and projects. We were very sad about it.

May God bless you all! We appreciate your participation in our ministry!

Love in Christ,
Lena Kolker,
Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center

June-July 2013

Dear friends,
Let me tell you about the work of he Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center in June and July. In June we conducted 44 counseling sessions, in July we conducted 93.
July was the last month when we had an opportunity to render charity aid to the needy people. Because of the financial difficulties, we had to sharply shorten that kind of aid. In spite of those difficulties, we don’t want to quit our clients with whom we have already started working. Among them, there are victims of family and sexual abuse.
In spite of the financial problems, we are willing to continue our work.
In this letter, I’d rather not tell you about a counseling case but about one of our counselors.
For a long time she has been eager to personally thank you for the participation in the Center’s life. “I am greatly thankful to those who have been praying and supporting the Center for all these years. I especially would like to thank Dr Langston Haygood who has been coming to Odessa many times to give us seminars. Owing to the information that I received at those seminars, I managed to overcome the depression and panic attacks I had been suffering since my childhood. I couldn’t get rid of that for a long time even though I have already committed my life to the Lord. Now that I have been delivered from those problems and have become a psychologist I can successfully help other people to manage similar situations. I have come to grow in confidence, calling and strength. And I am grateful to God for this.”
I am very glad to know that the activities of our Center help both our clients and ourselves to change.
Please keep on praying for us. I hope that with God’s help we will be able to come over the financial difficulties and will develop further on.
May God be with you all!
Love in Christ,
Lena Kolker,

May 2013 Report

Dear friends,

Although May is at its height, I hurry to tell you about the event that our Center was a co-organizer of.

On May 1-2 the “Family: Living or Surviving” Forum of professional development for Christian psychologists and counselors took place in Odessa.

The organizers were the Initiative Group of Christian Psychologists of Ukraine and the Odessa Springs Counseling Center.
Psychologists, counselors, pastors, church leaders, students of psychological departments took part in the forum. The forum justified its name as international. The participants of that event were representatives of various cities in Ukraine, Russia, USA and Moldova.

The forum included master-classes the aim of which was to give practical tools to those who work with families. In order to give master-classes, experienced practicing Christian psychologists from various countries (Ukraine, Russia, USA) were invited.

Nobody remained indifferent after attending the master-classes. It wasn’t just practical materials that would help the participants in their ministry that the participants received. At master-classes, some of the participants understood how they could solve their own problems, others saw their profession and ministry at a new angle. Inspiration, interest, openness and sincerity – that was the atmosphere that reigned at the forum.

March and April Report 2013

Dear friends,
In April our Center was five years old. We are thankful to God for the fact that He has allowed us to serve Him and people for all those years. We are thankful to all of you for your support and prayers. We would like to express a special gratitude to Dr Langston Haygood, because it was thanks to his efforts that our Center came into existence. Also, we are thankful to the permanent members of the Center’s Board, Darlene and Clay Quarterman, for the fact that they have always been our close friends and advisors.

So what have we been doing for five years? Putting it into a dry language of statistics, we have given 1100 individual sessions and more than 450 training seminars. But if we look deeper inside... Every meeting with a client was a separate story, the story of his or her ups and downs, failures and successes, disappointments and regained stamina. We rejoiced with them that did rejoice, and wept with them that wept.
It goes without saying that the most pleasant thing in our ministry is to watch a person grow, overcome difficulties, find inner strength to live and enjoy life.

For those five years we have become convinced how important for the city of Odessa the ministry of our Center is. A lot of people applying to us get the very help they need. Recently a significant number of students have been applying to us; these are the ones who cannot afford paying a psychologist counseling session but need aid badly. Their problems are sexual, physical, psychological abuse, uncertainty in life, lack of life sense, an attempt to get cleared with one's life way. We are glad we can help them.
Please keep praying for us. We appreciate your help and support.
"Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God".
(II Cor.1:3-4)

February 2013

Dear friends,

Let me tell you about the work of the Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center in February.
As usual, I will start with statistics. In February, we conducted 44 counseling sessions, 10 of them were given free of charge. People, both Christians and non-believers, keep on applying to us. They have started to recommend us more to their friends and acquaintances.
I'd like to tell you about a woman who has known about our center for a long time but has never been our client. Not long ago she came for our regular topical group sessions that take place in our office on Fridays. This woman has been a Christian for many years. The Lord delivered her from the alcohol addiction. During the last five years her husband and son who also had problems connected with alcohol died and she remained alone. She does her best not to lose hope and to live further on but it is very hard for her. Now she decided to take individual therapy in order to cope with her problems, get support and learn to trust the Lord for her life.

Thank you for your prayers and support! Please continue praying for our clients for the Lord to change their lives. And please pray for us, our clients, for the Lord to give us wisdom in our work with the clients.

May the Lord bless you!
Love in Christ,
Lena Kolker,
Coordinator, The Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center

January 2013 Report

Dear brothers and sisters,

Let me tell you about the work of our Center in January.

In January we conducted 25 counseling sessions, 8 of them were given free of charge.

In this e-mail I would like to tell you about one of our projects. Every Friday we hold group meetings on various topics. They are open for everybody who wants to come. Last time the topic of the meeting was family life. Four new people came. There was an open and beneficial talk. The people could share their feelings, also obtained practical skills to resolve family conflicts. We hope that such meetings is a good way to introduce our Center and also means of helping people start solving their problems.
Also our colleague from Kiev Alexander Tumanov who is the head of the Ukrainian Christian Counselors Association visited us in January. At the meeting, in addition to our counselors, there were those with whom our center cooperates.The subject of the meeting was prospects of setting up a regional association of Christian counselors in Odessa (see the pictures).

We have a lot of plans. One of them is a project of counseling a group of disabled people through Skype. This idea was born due to the fact that many people with disabilities in this country have severe limitations in being able to move and get services outside their homes. Please pray about this project for us to gather such a group and for the technical conditions to allow us to implement this project.

We see that the Lord blesses our ministry. We thank everybody who helps us reach people's hearts. Our Center would not be able to exist without your prayers and financial support.
May the Lord bless you!
Love in Christ,
Lena Kolker,
Coordinator, The Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center

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