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December 2012

Dear friends,

Let me tell you about the work of our Center in December.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

In December we conducted 43 counseling sessions, 9 of them were given free. In December we had the 1000th session in the whole history of our center!

Most of the married couples that contacted us this month dealt with the problem of adultery. Among them there were both Christians and non-beleivers. Fortunately, during the process of counseling some couples decided on reconciling and restoring their marriage relations.

I want to tell you a story of a family. A man whose wife was unfaithful contacted us. Both he and she hold prestigious social positions. They have two children. For the last 7 years both the husband and the wife have been unfaithfal to each other constantly. Our psychologist invited the wife for the next meeting. She agreed to come. In the process of counseling the couple decided on reconciling and trying to settle their marriage life. We hope that the Lord will help these people to keep their marriage relations and turn them to Him.

We are glad that more and more people find out about our Center. Our website works well. Also, we have pages in social nets. And what is more important, people recommend us to one another.

We are very thankful to you for your prayers and support. Please, keep on praying for us and out clients.

May the Lord bless you!

Love in Christ,

Lena Kolker
Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center

October 2012 Report

Dear brothers and sisters,

Let me tell you about the work of the Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center in Ocober.

In October we gave 65 counseling sessions, 20 of them free of charge. In this letter I would like to tell you more about our free of charge counseling.

We are addressed for help by various people that are Christians from various denominations and non-beleivers as well. Each of those people has his or her own story. But all the people to whom we render free of charge aid have something in common that is lack of money to pay for their counseling and seriousness of a case that brought them to us.

All those people come from miserable families. Since their childhood practically all of them had been sexually and/or physically abused. Almost all of them were or are drug or alcohol addicts. Almost all of them have incurable deseases including AIDS. These people have found themselves dropped out of life. We have several such clients now, and we see them not less than once a week.

We are glad when we see the fruit of our labor and the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of these people. Some of them have already stepped on the way of recovering.

I ask you to pray for those people. Also please pray for the Lord to give us wisdom to minister to them.

We still need your prayers and your support. We are thankful to you for your attention and participation in our ministry.

Love in Christ,

Lena Kolker
Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center

August and September, 2012

Dear friends,

Let me tell you about the Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center for the last two months.

To start with, there is a lettle bit of statistics as usual. We conducted 38 individual counseling sessions, both paid and free of charge including. In September, we had some new clients who found us through our website.

We are very glad that more and more couples started to address us recently. In Ukraine, there is a high percentage of divorces. Nowadays a divorce even in a church is not rare. We thank God that He entrusts us witth ministering to families that are in difficult situations.

We come across such family problems as adultery, violence in the family, depression of one or all family members, addiction or co-dependance.

Since our laws on family violence are very imperfect we happen to be the only ones who can support the suffering people and help them find strength to fight violence.

Also, we continue to work with a group of elderly people. This is a free of charge group, because the elderly people in this country is one of the needy groups. These people come to us with such problems as loneliness, problems with adult children, deseases, fear of death. Can you imagine that the most terrible thing is that they are scared of death not because they don't know what awaits them after death. They are scared that their dear ones will lack money to bury them in a decent way. Please pray for this ministry. The elderly people in this country need help and support very much.

We need your prayers and your help!
I thank everyone who prays and supports our ministry.

Love in Christ,

Lena Kolker
Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center

July, 2012

Dear friends,

Let me tell you about the work of the Odessa Springs Counseling Center in June/July.

During this time we conducted 63 individual counseling sessions. Both believers and non-believers contacted us. The main problems are marriage conflicts, conflicts between children and parents, and panic attacks.

In June, two new projects began at our Center. Now every Friday we conduct thematic meetings that are dedicated to some topic. All persons who are interested can come to our meetings. We have already successfully conducted meetings on such topics as: "How to manage anger", "How to respond to teenagers' aggression" etc.

The other project is groups of psychological support for the elderly people. In this country, almost nobody cares for the elderly people. They are lonely, unhappy, sick and almost without means of living. We hope that at our meetings, these people will learn to solve their problems and also will meet new people and will no longer feel so lonely.

I would like to share with you a story from the lives of our clients who contacted us a year ago. It is a couple who had not been able to have children for 7 years, but finally, the long-awaited pregnancy came. They turned to us because they did not know which decision to take and why. The doctors found out a serious pathology with the baby to be born and urgently recommended to do abortion. Even the day was already appointed when the abortion was supposed to be conducted. But upon meeting several times with a counselor from our Center, this couple firmly decided to keep the baby. The baby was born with a cleft palate. To date, the child sustained 2 surgeries which went well. The parents continue to seek support from our Center. They are happy that they kept the child and they are thankful to our counselors for the fact that our work with them helped them to become firm in their decision to give life to their lovely child.

May 2012

Dear friends,

Let me tell you about the work of the Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center in April and May.

In April our Center was four years old! It was a joyful event for all of us. Looking back we can already see the results of our labor: we have conducted more than 750 individual sessions and more than 200 group sessions. Behind those numbers are lives of real people who applied to us with the hope of changing their lives.

I remember my young client from the Christian school (a boy of 7 years old). He had a problem of managing anger. I had time to have only three sessions with him. The child behaved very sincerely and openly. Some day I came to the Christian School to give a class in another group, different from the child’s one. He saw me in the school hallway, ran to me and said, "Just a moment, I’ll be back in a minute!" He returned with a picture in his hands and said, "Here is my picture. It is a picture of a bird. It had to go through a lot of difficulties in this life but it did not surrender! It worked much and now everything is fine with it. I want to give you this picture for you to show it to the other people and tell them about this bird." I was greatly touched by that gift! I will unlikely see this child again because he and his parents are moving to another country, but I am sure that the Lord will take care of him and his family. I am glad that positive changes in the life of this child took place through our ministry.

Now here is a little bit of statistics. I want to share with you the information as to how the number of counseling sessions grew for the period of 2009-2012, months of March, April, May.

March 2012 Report

Dear friends,

Happy Easter!

"...whom God hath raised up, having loosed the pains of death: because it was not possible that he should be holden of it" (Acts 2:24)

Let me tell you about the work of the Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center in March.

In March there were 31 counseling sessions. Among our clients the number of married couples has increased. We are glad we can help families to restore their relationships.

We render a Hot-Line Service and we receive calls not only from Odessa but from other towns of Ukraine as well.

We continue training groups according to the materials that Dr Langston Haygood taught us with. These studies are given by Svetlana Fedorenko and Angela Aleksandrovich.

Our workers and volunteers continue working with the orphans and the children from dysfunctional families. The children are always willing to see our counselors. They have already set up a trust-based relationship. We appreciate that these children trust us.

I want to tell you the story of my client. Her name is Tania (the name has been changed for confidentiality reasons). She is 40. She has two daughters aged 18 and 7. She is a non-believer.
Tanya was brought for counseling by her mother-in-law who is a member of our church. The problem was that the younger daughter got out of control, started to steal money.

February Report, 2012

Dear friends,

Let me tell you about the work of our Center in February.

In February, 31 counseling sessions were conducted. The majority of the sessions were follow-ups. The new clients applied after coming to know us through the website or upon the recommendation of their acquaintances.

I would like to tell you about a client who periodically comes for counseling in our Center. Sofia (the name has been changed for confidentiality reasons) is 34. She is married and has a daughter. She applied to us because of panic attacks and fears. Her relationship with her husband and daughter were problematic. She wasn’t satisfied with her life. She didn’t have enough education and had to work as a cleaner. She didn’t know how to live further on. Sofia has taken several courses of individual counseling and training sessions. For now Sofia feels much better. She has become calmer, more self-confident. Her relationship with her husband and daughter have become better. She has entered an economy department of the university and got a job of a cashier in a bank. Sofia has got interested in the spiritual life and started to come to the Presbyterian church. Please pray for Sofia and the rest of our clients whose lives have been changing as we have been ministering to them.

We continue working with orphans and children from dysfunctional families. It is nice to see them smiling when our counselors come. We help them to see this life from a different point of view: we hope they will come to know God and believe that there is not only cruelty and lie in this world but also kindness and love. Please pray for these children.

In February, a remarkable couple, Gary and Susan Bauer, came to Odessa. They made a film about our ministry. Now the film is going to be released. Some materials can be seen on our website as well as in Facebook (,

Seminar May 2010

On May 3-5, 2010, a seminar took place that was organized by the Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center (Odessa, Ukraine), the Covenant Counseling and Education Center, Birmingham, Alabama, USA, in cooperation with the Odessa Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church.

The seminar was conducted by Dr. Langston Haygood, the ministry director, Doctor of Philosophy, licensed professional counselor, founder and director of Covenant Counseling and Education Center, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

The following topics were discussed at the seminar:

«Depression, anxiety and panic attacks»

On the 23-26 of September the seminar “Counseling Depression, anxiety and panic attacks” was held in Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center. Dr. Langston Haygood (Birmingham, Alabama, USA) was the main speaker.

Snezhana Popova (Life Care Center Izmail, Ukraine) introduced the program on counseling crisis pregnancy to the audience.

About Us

Family is a place where person gets his first life experience.

In the family we gain not only certain knowledge, abilities and skills but also life values.

More likely each one of us remembers how our parents and grandparents taught us what was good and what was bad. We carry this knowledge through our lives and teach our own children and grandchildren what we ourselves once have been taught.

The critical goal of Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center is to spread Christian family values in our society.

  • We consider that the Bible teaches main principals of a happy family life and wish that many people would change their family life for better.

  • We try to help everyone who comes for help.

  • We acknowledge that due to sin and difficult life circumstances people often face questions, hardships, problems and situations which interfere with him having abundant life.

That is why we consider the goal of the process of counseling to be the reconciliation with God and recreation of his personality according to Christ’s.

The counselors of the Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center aim at helping a person to see the ability of living an abundant life, develop and grow spiritually through becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and serve in His church, through becoming a life witness in the world and live in real freedom.

Our Friends

Izmail Life Care Center - We believe that human life is precious and the welfare of the mother is as important as that of the baby.

Pathway Ministries Inc - Our mission is to help people find a path no one knew was there (Psalm 77:19 NLT).