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Alcohol and drug addiction

At group sessions, an effective method is used, which enables a person to get completely free from drugs and alcohol.

The group turns out to be both a group of mutual help and a therapeutic one. Here you will be able to receive professional help of a counselor on the following matters:

  • how mechanisms that lead a person to addiction develop and how they are destroyed;

  • how to make sense of one’s own life, how to get rid of the negative mindset and to develop new habits that would work for a sober life;

  • how to estimate one’s own minuses and pluses, one’s opportunities, and to start a new life.

Also, here, in the atmosphere of complete confidentiality, you will be able to talk about your personal experiences because you will be understood. You will be able to find new friends, and each new friend is a new opportunity to change your life for the better.

You can call by the following numbers:

8-097-492-9084 or 8-067-590-5079

avva [at] breezein [dot] net (e-mail)

Our Friends

Izmail Life Care Center - We believe that human life is precious and the welfare of the mother is as important as that of the baby.

Pathway Ministries Inc - Our mission is to help people find a path no one knew was there (Psalm 77:19 NLT).