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June-July 2013

Dear friends,
Let me tell you about the work of he Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center in June and July. In June we conducted 44 counseling sessions, in July we conducted 93.
July was the last month when we had an opportunity to render charity aid to the needy people. Because of the financial difficulties, we had to sharply shorten that kind of aid. In spite of those difficulties, we don’t want to quit our clients with whom we have already started working. Among them, there are victims of family and sexual abuse.
In spite of the financial problems, we are willing to continue our work.
In this letter, I’d rather not tell you about a counseling case but about one of our counselors.
For a long time she has been eager to personally thank you for the participation in the Center’s life. “I am greatly thankful to those who have been praying and supporting the Center for all these years. I especially would like to thank Dr Langston Haygood who has been coming to Odessa many times to give us seminars. Owing to the information that I received at those seminars, I managed to overcome the depression and panic attacks I had been suffering since my childhood. I couldn’t get rid of that for a long time even though I have already committed my life to the Lord. Now that I have been delivered from those problems and have become a psychologist I can successfully help other people to manage similar situations. I have come to grow in confidence, calling and strength. And I am grateful to God for this.”
I am very glad to know that the activities of our Center help both our clients and ourselves to change.
Please keep on praying for us. I hope that with God’s help we will be able to come over the financial difficulties and will develop further on.
May God be with you all!
Love in Christ,
Lena Kolker,
Coordinator, The Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center

June-July 2013
June-July 2013
June-July 2013
June-July 2013

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