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May-June, 2014

Dear friends,

I haven't written to you for several months due to the events taking place in Ukraine.

Now I'd like to tell you about the work of the Counseling Center for the recent time.

We continue conducting individual counseling, group sessions, and training sessions.
People address us with problems of children and teenagers upbringing, family problems (marital infidelity, lack of mutual understanding, etc.), depression, panic attacks and so on.

As you know there is warfare in the east of Ukraine going on. A lot of refugees from Eastern Ukraine have been given temporary housing in the vicinity of Odessa. We as citizens of our country are trying to take part in helping the people.

On June 19-20, we had a training in our Center for psychologists on PTSD (post trauma disorder) treatment. We were taught by Katy Rojant, a psychologist from Great Britain who works with trauma. Her visit here was arranged and sponsored by Uliana Gumenyuk, an artist who was born in Ukraine but has been living in Britain for a long time.

For two days we were learning in details how to deal with trauma as counselors. Now we are ready to use the received knowledge and skills in practice.

We have started to spread the information that our Center renders free of charge aid to those who have gone through military actions or experienced trauma in connection with the events in Ukraine.

Please pray for peace in Ukraine!

Love in Christ,

Lena Kolker,

Director The Odessa Springs Christian Counseling Center

May-June, 2014
May-June, 2014
May-June, 2014
May-June, 2014
May-June, 2014
May-June, 2014

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