Please make checks payable and mail to:
Pathway Ministries, Inc.
288 Huntington Parc Circle
Birmingham, AL 35226
Memo: Odessa Springs Counseling Center

Or you can use Dr. Clay Quarterman's page for Odessa Humanitarian Aid #95969


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About Us

Family is a place where person gets his first life experience.

In the family we gain not only certain knowledge, abilities and skills but also life values.

More likely each one of us remembers how our parents and grandparents taught us what was good and what was bad. We carry this knowledge through our lives and teach our own children and grandchildren what we ourselves once have been taught.

The critical goal of Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center is to spread Christian family values in our society.

  • We consider that the Bible teaches main principals of a happy family life and wish that many people would change their family life for better.

  • We try to help everyone who comes for help.

  • We acknowledge that due to sin and difficult life circumstances people often face questions, hardships, problems and situations which interfere with him having abundant life.

That is why we consider the goal of the process of counseling to be the reconciliation with God and recreation of his personality according to Christ’s.

The counselors of the Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center aim at helping a person to see the ability of living an abundant life, develop and grow spiritually through becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and serve in His church, through becoming a life witness in the world and live in real freedom.

Our Friends

Izmail Life Care Center - We believe that human life is precious and the welfare of the mother is as important as that of the baby.

Pathway Ministries Inc - Our mission is to help people find a path no one knew was there (Psalm 77:19 NLT).