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Personality growth training program

Everybody knows the saying "Each man is the architect of his happiness". But not everybody knows how to become at least a little bit happier.

As some wise man said, "Get to know yourself and walk along the life path in your way".

This training program is carried on to help one find the meaning of life (since the life is supposed to have meaning), to help one answer the questions "Who am I?", "Why have I come into this world?" and "What is my mission in life?"

The main idea of the personality growth training program is, without suppressing and forcing a person, to help the person find oneself, like oneself, learn to better perceive and understand oneself, overcome the stereotypes that prevent communicating with the social environment.

The personality growth training takes place once a week, each session lasts 2 hours. The training program lasts 3 months.

An individual approach to each client is used.

You can call by the following telephone numbers: 794-74-80; 8-067-48-43-663

Our Friends

Izmail Life Care Center - We believe that human life is precious and the welfare of the mother is as important as that of the baby.

Pathway Ministries Inc - Our mission is to help people find a path no one knew was there (Psalm 77:19 NLT).